Wellness, Prevention, and Primary Care Membership Plans.

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True Patient-Centered healthcare. At home, in office, online, by telephone, text, or email.
Restoring The Patient / Physician Relationship
When physicians are allowed to focus on patients without the interference of payers, the results can be amazing.
Uber Care – A Physician
When and Where You Need One.
Sign up for on-demand primary care at home, in office, online, by telephone, text, email, or chat.
Better Economics
ImprovedCare is able to deliver more timely and better primary care at about one-third the traditional cost.


Focus on wellness, prevention, and personalized medical care
Partner with your doctor in your health. Receive personalized nutrition, fitness, and medical treatment that is truly suited to you.
The Integration of Primary Care, Nutrition, and Fitness
Integrative Medicine is the only proven model for wellness. You are truly cared for medically when all factors affecting your health are accounted for.
Receive Your Best Care Now
For Your Best Quality of Life
You are unique and your health and medical needs are unique. Choose a health-plan designed to deliver integrated care, and live your best life now!


ImprovedCare’s healthcare platform creates better patient care by making Primary Care more accessible and by restoring the time honored one-to-one relationship between physician and patient. Our technology facilitates a flexible and immediate delivery model while an untethered patient-physician relationship is fostered by removing the bureaucracy, the cost-burden, and the interference caused by insurance payers. With primary care more accessible and more affordable to everyone, the result is more doctor-patient facetime and better cared for patients. Unlike concierge models of the past, ImprovedCare benefits everyone and is offered through employers as a primary care health benefit plan for families and individuals. Catastrophic coverage is offered as supplemental through tier-one benefit underwriters.
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For Member Patients

High quality patient care that focuses on the ‘whole person’ and addresses all aspects of health and wellness.
  • > Integrated care: Primary care, Fitness and Nutrition
  • > Your own health record that’s automatically updated each visit
  • > Ideal alternative for uninsured, students, and self-employed
  • > Use pre-tax dollars through your health savings accounts
  • > Steep discounts on Labs, Prescriptions, and diagnostic tests

For Doctors

    Practice medicine the way you want
  • > Say goodbye to insurance denials
  • > Say goodbye to payer audits
  • > No more claim processing expense
  • > Operate on a cash basis
  • > Say goodbye to forced documentation
  • > No more defensive medicine: Practice real medicine